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June 22, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

The acting was very strong and the dialog was a nice, hyperrealistic banter that fit the characters perfectly. No one talks like this, but it’s exactly what you want from the characters in this show. The most important part of this one for me was the conversation I had with my daughter afterward when we talked through the moral and philosophical implications of the story. Any show that can allow us to do that, is worth seeing IMO. A few laugh out loud moments and a couple of great turns of phrase.

What I didn't like

As a few others have mentioned the blackouts were a bit odd, but I learned after the show that they were, in fact, due to technical difficulties. The first break should have had a video clip displayed and the final speech should have been delivered via video as well as a wrapup. I think it would have been better to see it that way, but it didn’t really hurt the play for me.
I also would love to have seen the reporter come across a bit more as a character I was rooting for so that it was easier to see everyone as both a good and bad person and it felt like the reporter came off the worst of the bunch, but that might just have been my read on it.

My overall impression

Very entertaining and conversation provoking. As mentioned by others, not really immersive or interactive, but just an intimate setting for some very strong performances. Well worth checking out, and talking about afterward.

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