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Review by anonymous

June 22, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

Great acting, well written dialogue.

What I didn't like

Here’s the thing- I was really on board with this show until the very end. Spoiler Alert: The man raped a woman. PERIOD. Being sorry or noting that he’s “not the first” to do it “and won’t be the last” does not excuse the behavior. The tone of this last monologue seemed to suggest that because he learned his lesson and because he lives in a culture in which a lot of other men participate in this kind assault, we should forgive him/celebrate his win. Sorry- but yuck. Unless this is the intention of the playwright/leading actor, my suggestion is a re-write of the last monologue that does not flirt with the perpetuation of rape culture.

My overall impression

Not immersive- well acted but with a potentially dangerous message.

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