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June 22, 2019

What I liked

The cast is good and I personally love the intimate setting where everyone in the room becomes part of the show, whether they want to or not.

What I didn't like

Given the ‘in the rectangle’ nature of this show, there’s not a lot of attention paid to staging that keeps the actors accessible to the entire room. There were a couple of awkward blackouts between scenes that left us hanging. Overall – maybe it’s my not catching everything but the script almost sounds like it’s trying to tell a story about a good man who was punished for one mistake that a young female reporter wants ‘justice’ for. Not sure what we are being asked to take away here.

My overall impression

Another reviewer here already noted that this isn’t an immersive show but the director stood up during this performance to note that instead it is a ‘site-specific’ show… which it isn’t actually either. It’s really an ensemble show in the round (or in this case, the rectangle). The cast is solid and the writing is interesting. I wouldn’t stress any Sorkin-like equivalencies at all, though the dialogue is rapid fire, that’s about as close as it comes and that, from this reviewer, is a compliment (we have one Sorkin – we need individual voices).

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