immersive theatre · inhouse theatre company · Ages 13+ · United States of America

“Tethered” is a furiously paced and whip-smart morality tale set in the world of mid-market mayoral politics. At it’s core, it’s a Sorkin-esque blistering romp about the characterizations that can both define us and hold us back. Adam is a charismatic and idealistic mayoral candidate who is a true believer in the transformative role that political leaders can play in the daily lives of constituents. With the expert guidance of his consummate campaign leader, Dorothy, they are on the heels of a decisive victory and are preparing to move beyond the grind of campaigning. But their resolve and values will be tested when they’re faced with an ambitious and headstrong journalist, Barbara, who gets a tip about Adam’s past that could derail his candidacy at the 11th hour.

Tethered asks difficult questions and explores their implications in a manner that combines the tense exchanges of “A Few Good Men” with the astute cultural observations in “Dry Powder.” It’s a story about individuals that resist and embrace the labels applied to them, and the expectations placed on us in complex circumstances. How these characters navigate their values and what’s politically expedient will define their moment, and ultimately ours.

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