Earth Stories: Our Climate and Our Future

events & workshops · matt almos · Ages 12+ · United States of America

WINNER: STEVE KENT AWARD and BEST OF BROADWATER. “Platinum Medal” – Matt Almos is co-founder of Burglars of Hamm and co-creator of Hollywood Fringe favorites Resa Fantastiskt Mystisk (2018 Top of Fringe) and Easy Targets (2017 Best Comedy). In March 2019, he found himself in Atlanta, attending the leadership training symposium for the Climate Reality Project (founded by Al Gore). In this workshop tailored for the LA creative community, he’ll share what he took away from that experience. What is the reality of climate change? What are potential solutions? Are there reasons for hope? And what does it mean to be a storyteller at this critical time in human history?

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* Fringe Veteran