No Joke

comedy · nojoke · Ages 12+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 17, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

The three performers hit a broad spectrum of a people involved in the immigration conversation: the illegal immigrant, the legal immigrant, and the ill-informed American. The caricature of Americans is both insightful and horrifying. Yes, the character is overdone and hyperbolic, but the conversations and ideologies ARE REAL. It make seem like a joke, but it is, in fact, NO JOKE.

What I didn't like

The unfortunate thing about this piece is that it is being performed to a primarily liberal community: people who side with DACA who live in a sanctuary. This piece needs to be produced in more conservative communities to get the conversation going and progress to be made.

HOWEVER. Gina Omilon does an amazing way of mocking those of us who share posts, comment on videos, and send half-assed condolences. She calls out EVERYONE. I’m a guilty party, and it is SUPER DISCONCERNING to realize you are a part of the problem.

Go see this.

My overall impression

I expected this show to be more comedic, but it was haunting. Gina Omilon has written something that is both chillingly humorous, but also incredibly informative and terrifying. Incredibly well-written and well done. I wish my conservative family members could see this.

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