Rock Band Murder Mystery

immersive theatre · some company · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere

Have fun living your rock n’ roll fantasy or exercise your inner sleuth and figure out whodunnit before time runs out.
Who killed rock and roll? Find out in this highly interactive, 360º immersive murder mystery.

This interactive, immersive show focuses on a roarin’ rock band and their entourage. All participants assume the pre-generated personas of the band, manager, roadie, groupies, and other members of the crew. You interact with each other against a deadly threat, and one of you might even be a murderer! Can the show go on??

First come, first served on character choices when buying tickets for that night. Max 12 participants per show.
NO ACTING/IMPROV EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! There are safety rules and basic mechanics in case you want to do something nasty like punch out your A&R rep.
NO MUSICAL ABILITY, NOR VIDEO GAME PLAYING ABILITY NECESSARY EITHER – You can still be awesome without being able to sing or play a note.

The Rock Band™ and Guitar Hero™ video game will represent the band’s in-game music. Choose from the song lists for Guitar Hero 1-5, GH Aerosmith, Metallica, Van Halen, and Rocks the 80s expansion packs, Rock Band 1-2, plus RB track packs Metal, Classic Rock, vol 1 & 2 and AC/DC Live, and Karaoke Revolution vol 2 and 3. Two guitars, drums, and microphone available.

CONTENT WARNING: Elements of or references to drug use, alcohol, cigarette smoking, violence, sex, prostitution, gambling, the occult and the usual bad behavior associated with rock and roll (mostly simulated).

Snacks provided
Costuming encouraged but not required
18+ only
FREE PARKING at the venue
A sweet cat lives in the space, but will not be present during the experience.

Why the ticket price?

We have to cover costs of venue rental, props, actors, insurance, Fringe fees, snacks, etc., with a small (max 12) audience.
This is lower than the usual cost for comparable immersive/interactive events in Los Angeles.

Is this a larp?
If that will encourage you to attend, yes, it is. If not, no, it’s a murder mystery.

Can we play the music LOUD?

Have you done this before?
Yes, twice, in penthouse hotel suites. It was awesome.

Have you done anything for Fringe before?
Yes—the award-winning, audience and critically acclaimed immersive show “One Last Thing Before You Go” (2018) and an adaptation of the Nordic larp “Fallen Stars” as “Fallen Stars at the Charity Sale” for Fringe 2017. Both are searchable on this site.

Can I rock out and do this more than once?
Yup! Each show will have a different killer, so even if you know whodunit the first time, it is guaranteed to be someone different the next time, maybe even YOU!

What is the venue?
It is a private loft/party pad on Melrose, with excellent views of Hollywood. There is free parking in the lot below. It is up one set of stairs, so this is not an ADA accessible facility, unfortunately. If you have other accessibility questions or concerns, please ask. (See photos above).

Are there monitors (narcs)?
Yes. The creators will be present to watch and make sure everyone is safe and having a good time, but will not interact with the characters.

Do I have to play a character?
Yes—it helps to have a fake persona to interact with others. If you have issues but still want to watch/attend, let us know and we will give you a “light” character. Think of it like an escape room or a party game like Mafia or Werewolf—you are supposed to be someone else, in a fake situation, solving a challenge. In this case, your challenge is to figure out whodunit (or, if you are a murderer, hide your crime). All characters are gender neutral.

What if the audience does nothing?
Our actors will stir things up for you.

Can my friends come and we have a big party?
Yes, absolutely! Make sure to buy your tickets for the same show.

Is there alcohol?
WE are not providing alcohol.

Can I smoke?
Outside on the roof/patio (adjoins and is part of) the loft space, yes.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran