Neighborhood Watch

comedy · lisa pedace · Ages 14+ · one person show · United States of America

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Review by RAVEN K

July 04, 2019 certified reviewer
tagged as: informative · helpful

What I liked

It was a long monologue and it needs an excellent actress to pull it off. She did. The title was well chosen.

The last moments are the best since we see her deteriorating and she is not the victim but the culprit. More out of control physical and mental behaviour is needed here – as she talks about the chickens invading her space, neighbors moving and seeing more and more signs around her neighborhood telling people to clean up after their dog and to keep off their property. A sign of our times of how our communities are suffering due to greed, neglect and gentrification.

What I didn't like

The message was strong and I hope she includes another person to bounce off her lines; judge. The theatre was small but perhaps the performer may consider a different theater. Perhaps a black box theater, where the audience can be the jury, might be more suitable. The monologue was excellent but needs another character on or off stage – who speaks. The one main prop – cardboard showing where each neighbor lived might be improved by considering technology as a helpful tool.

My overall impression

The Neighborhood Watch, was funny and tackled the status quo of our country. Citizens with power in their communities who take pride in keeping their neighborhood save can no longer do this. Government officials don’t care or don’t have the support or resources to help these neighborhood watch groups.

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