Crabbe and Goyle are Dead

comedy · ravenpuff productions · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 24, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

When it comes to bringing that R&G vibe Graydon and Michael absolutely killed it.
Keeping high energy while exploring complicated consepts and big ideas is not easy and these two were able to bring that sence of honestly and curiosity to their characters. With something like R&G you can easily end up seeming like a lecture or ted talk or simply being too heady to geasp, but following these characters thu their journey of discouvery is not only funny and interesting, its entertaining.
As a fan of R&G I also loved how they put in homages to the original. While fitting them to the context they were set in.
Putting this idea on a context for people these days to be able to put themselves into was brilliant in of itself. But to do it in such a funny smart manner was the cherry on top that made a good idea, a good show.
Also the gal playing tipsy was absolutely the perfect player. I loved her spew speech so much and her general interaction with C&G was the perfect little pick me up/foil to their chemistry. She was a stand out in a lot of ways for me too.

What I didn't like

The gal playing malfoy was bringing some excellent delivery and rwally landing the attitude and vibe, unfortunately thay was only when I could hear what she was saying. Sadly, I only heard what she said about 20% of the time she was on stage. Perhaps a newbie to preforming, she could really benefit from practicing some projection and just opening her mouth a little more. I was bummed to miss allot of her perfomece because of that.

My overall impression

What a smart, thoughtful, funny and charming show. Really wonderful consept that was excicuted brilliantly . Brought me to a state of extetential dispair in the most awesome way. Go see this show! Get your thinking caps on!

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