The Book of Briarshire

ensemble theatre · good shows · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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Review by MIKE REYES

June 19, 2019 original article
tagged as: funny · smart · hilarious · Feminist · strong · Engaging · silly · delightful

What I liked

Kelly Moore has written an engaging, enchanting tale, that showcases not only her expertise with the sword, but the pen as well she possesses such great sense of comedic timing and brilliant verbal sparring throughout the show is as enjoyable as the physical feats performed. This is one of the best that Fringe has to offer this year, and this is one adventure you do not want to miss.

What I didn't like

At times the show suffered slightly from the episodic nature of its origins in Serial Killers leading to many transitions that unfortunately slowed the pacing of the hilarious preceding action. That being said, the crafting of the world of the play was an absolute thrill to watch. I would gladly pay for another chance to revisit this kingdom. One could only hope that there are additional adventures to come for Ylva and Skittles

My overall impression

Originally a part of Sacred Fools ongoing Serial Killers series it unfortunately met its untimely demise leaving the show unfinished. This iteration concludes the epic journey of Ylva(Kelly Moore) and her sister Skittles(Emily Bolcik) on their way to slay The Dragon.

I don’t even know where to begin in describing how ridiculously fun this show was. The entire audience found ourselves struggling to catch our breath after each laugh. From the zany costumes and larger-than-life performances of the entire ensemble to the stellar comedic timing and some of the best fight choreography I have ever seen on stage at Fringe, if this show isn’t on your radar it needs to be.

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