American Stranger

musicals and operas · legends international · Ages 8+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere
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June 10, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

Go see it and feel the love, confusion of being new in LA, and the message being sung beautifully by Delia Rawdon, Mindy Milburn, Miranda Miller with a great cast including Jacklyn Robinson, Scooby Ducati, Bill Melrose, and Sabrina Richmond. The writer, composer and guitarist Laura Espinoza has presented a musical that you cannot forget, ever…

What I didn't like

I love to see a longer play … the music is well written and can be followed easily.
The lyrics are in the hand out.

My overall impression

AMERICAN STRANGER, now playing at Studio C. What a beautiful gift this musical is! The writer had to know what a powerful message this would be, much needed yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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