Town Brawl

immersive theatre · your neighbors · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 12, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

There are no bad seats because every seat is part of the show, but you don’t have to jump in and participate if you don’t want to. I just sat back and watched all the characters— Carol was my favorite, I feel like everybody knows a Carol. I also loved the main character who is leading the town hall- she reminds me a little bit of Reese Witherspoon in Election combined with exactly what you’d think of if you went to a local town hall meeting. So if you laugh at the people in your neighborhood posting about a sale on old silverware or who’s parking in guest spots, you’ll have a great time at Town Brawl.

What I didn't like

Like the rest of the show, I would love a visual video element added to the first “fireworks or gunshots” part of the show.

My overall impression

This show is so fun! First off, it’s hilarious, and second, I’ve never been to an ‘immersive’ show before but I have to say I loved it. Let’s be honest, everyone can relate to the craziness that is NextDoor, so I think the concept is genius and was hilariously executed.

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