Saving Cain

ensemble theatre · winner entertainment · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States of America

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Review by RAVEN K

July 04, 2019 certified reviewer
tagged as: informative · helpful

What I liked

The acting was strong and the cast worked as a team. The message was clear and contemporary. This was a plus.

What I didn't like

Perhaps let the mom remain without a man throughout the play. If necessary, let him come in at the very end. The gay person in the play was a caricature of what we see on television. Mannerisms can be deleted and substituted with a positive lense. I asked my friend, who went with me, if. the writer was a man or a woman. A male writer. An attemmpt can be made – especially by men – to showcase women as powerful and not waiting for a man to save them. Many of my women friends make a good income and are not waiting for prince charming to save them, they are actually saving the world from them. The mom cried throughout the entire play. She was this weak, uneducated, suburban woman unable to move on. We, women, are powerful, capable of taking care of crisis at home and away from home. There is absolutely nothing wrong with crying but that is not our label. Those Cinderella and Snow-White fairy tales need to be up-dated.
The stage was small and intimate. There was minimal furniture that was moved around often which interrupted the actor’s intensity and the flow of the story. Perhaps attention can be invested here.

My overall impression

On Sunday, June 30th, I saw, Saving Cain and the message was clear. It tackled Trump, LBGT, drugs and religion. A devoted single Christian mom who doesn’t attend church but listens to Bible sermons at home from her radio. She is uneducated, a waitress and lives in a small town. A man comes into her life.

Overall, excellent acting and the message was clear.

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