Yellow Dress

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“Lichwick is a star. She creates a world unto herself and carries this show the way a solo artist should: with confidence, practice and immense talent. This show is genuine and satisfying, thanks to Lichwick’s hard work and her compelling life story.” – Dan Rangel, LA Theatre Review

“Marissa Lichwick is fearless and effortless in her storytelling. She fully embodies every character, leading us through an exciting, inspirational, and extremely touching journey” -Kayla Lian, Actress

“Mesmerizing! A great talent! Marissa Lichwick succeeds beautifully as she lures her audience into the emotional journey through her childhood in a Korean orphanage, adoption in America, and the return to Korea as an adult to search for her past. This talented young actress has a great future in the theater.”
-Charles A. Gregory, Writer/Producer/Videographer

“One of the bravest pieces of theatre I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Truly a beautiful human spirit being shared on stage.”
- Leslie Shires, Actress, Singer, Dancer, NYU MFA Acting Graduate

Conceived, written and performed by Marissa Lichwick, “Yellow Dress” first previewed at the University of Washington School of Drama and the Guthrie Experience at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis. Under the directorial assistance of Scott Hafso, it is a coming of age story with a colorful cast of over 20 characters. Based on actual events, little Rachel travels through the world of adoption into the arms of American pop culture. From Patrick Swayze to New Kids on the Block, come experience the making of a Twinkie (yellow on the outside white on the inside).


“The classic coming of age story is not a new one, but the unique manner in which Marissa Lichwick came to become an American and an artist are what makes her one woman show YELLOW DRESS a unique theatrical experience. From her beginnings in an orphanage in Korea to her adoption by an American family, Marissa weaves performance and autobiography into a tapestry of fantasy, humor, pathos and personal growth that delivers a powerful human experience for the audience. Crafted with courage and theatrical panache, YELLOW DRESS is nothing short of inspirational.”
– Andrew Tsao, Director, ‘Caroline in the City’, Friends, Home Improvement and many more.

“Marissa Lichwick’s ability to transform the content and dynamic is what left the greatest impression for me in YELLOW DRESS.”
– Marcela Lorca, Movement Specialist and Director at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis

“Marissa Lichwick’s kaleidoscopic one girl/one woman tale—peopled with Korean and American “saints and sinners”—turns you on your head. Just when you are about to curse humanity, the wisp of a girl who wears the yellow dress scoops you up and twirls you in another direction—into a world of shining, ever-finding-the-laugh resilience. My world is different after seeing this finely-crafted beautifully acted play— a “yellow dress” lurks around every corner."
– Cathy Madden, Alexander Technique Trainer and Specialists

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