Klingon Tamburlaine

school of night · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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June 15, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

As it would turn out, the warlike, honor-crazed Romans prove to map excellently onto Klingon society. Who would have thought?

This is a really great adaptation. For the trekkie, the faithfulness with which elements of the franchise have been adapted for the stage will be delightful. But also, the cut of Tamburlaine is rock solid, clipping through all of the blood and violence you could want from a Roman Tragedy at a good pace.

The space battles are so much fun. As usual, Jen Albert’s fight choreography is top notch, especially with the climactic fight which… you’ve just gotta see it. You’ve just gotta see it.

And the cast freaking COMMITS. They embody the aggressive, posturing, guttural Klingon mannerisms with aplomb.

It’s big. It’s epic. It’s theatrical. It’s badass.

What I didn't like

This show was exactly the nerdy, creative bloodbath I wanted it to be.

My overall impression

Qapla’ motherfuckers.

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