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Review by SEAN DOYLE

June 17, 2019 certified reviewer
tagged as: witty · 90s · science

What I liked

The acting was good all around. The cast worked well together. I liked the story, and I think it had just the right amount of comedy sprinkled into the drama. I liked the random pockets of profound dialogue and the science stuff.

What I didn't like

Over all not much! There were some moments I wish could have been louder but I was able to make it all out and it made sense in context why it was quieter. A super minor detail I might add is that the energy of the show is mellow, which I think is great, it’s a very subtle type of show, but everyone should match that. There were moments when I felt a character would be too high energy and have outbursts that felt misplaced but it was just minor stuff. Great show!

My overall impression

This is my first of 6 shows I will be seeing this season of Fringe and I must say it was good choice to start with! I recommend to check it out. I found it be more intricate than it initially seemed, as the merger into the second act clears up a lot of stuff and you start making connections. I love anything 90’s so seeing all of the references was a treat for me. It was fun to see each character show out their personality and how each one was distinct from the others. The entire cast was fantastic but I’d like to give two special shout outs to the actress who played Sunny (I’ve misplaced my playbill but I believe her name was Paige) and the actor who played Murphy (I’m almost certain his name is Mathew). Paige was able to bring a very human quality to this character and her command of emotion was quite impressive! Mathew brought the awkwardness and reactions of a scientist in this environment exactly how I would imagine it would be, and his character had the biggest development from start to finish (also I loved some his dialogue, very well written and well delivered), well played! Again, the entire cast worked wonderfully together but these were my two stand out performances, very well done, with a special honorable mention to Adam or Alex (I believe one is the actor and the other is the character but I can’t remember which is which), and Susan Lee (the actress not the director) who played Debbie, both had some great lines and reactions. This is the type of play you should see twice however if you go into it knowing that missing links will be connected throughout, then it’ll make sense.

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