thank you for loving me

ensemble theatre · volcano hospital · Ages 14+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 21, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

Scott and Ashley were amazing, bringing real life to these characters and to this relationship. I could feel the history between them. The simple set and clever use of props all around the room made scenes move quick. I loved the end when the lights flashed back on every scene.

What I didn't like

Shorts scenes with long transitions could sometimes kill some of the momentum. I would be interested to see it again without any pause in the action, just flowing from one to another to another moment.

I did not empathize with the guy at all. He was trash, and she should have left him earlier. I get why they were together, but if this is supposed to be a play about “whose fault is it?” we know from the beginning that it’s his. I think if we are able to see things from his side as well, so it doesn’t seem like straight up abuse, there will be a bigger impact for the breakup.

My overall impression

A touching, cathartic look at how loving another person can consume you completely. Well written, well acted, and very personal, you will go on a journey with these characters through the first spirited moments to the inevitable heartbreak and trauma. If you’ve ever been in love this is a show to see.

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