Cirque du Giselle

dance & physical theatre · aeriform artists · Ages 10+ · United States of America

An ethereal, “Fringe Festival” contemporary take on the classic ballet, Giselle. A dark and tragic love story of deceit, heartbreak, consequences, and redemption – where love eventually triumphs over vengeance from the grave and beyond. Brought to life on the stage in a swirl of aerial and cirque magic from the producers of last years award winning, Hollywood Fringe Festival, sold out show, Dorothy And Alice.

Giselle follows the story of a sweet peasant girl with a weak heart and a passion for dancing, who dies of a broken heart after discovering her lover, Albrecht, is not who he appears to be and is betrothed to another. The Wilis, a ghostly group of vengeful women who have been betrayed by their lovers and who force men to dance to their deaths, summon Giselle from her grave. Her love ultimately triumphs over vengeance as she saves her love, Albrecht who lives to see the dawn, and frees her own spirit from the power of the Wilis

Starring Tamysen Malles & Tavi Stutz
Featuring Mithra Alavi, Nicole Beckerman, Candace Cane, Jen Otto Cook, Colleen Dunleap, Dani Maloney, Monica Miklas, Jane Osborn, Lex Quarterman, Amanda Ritchie, Chelsea Rousselot, Lea Walker & Bri Xandrick

Production Team

colleen dunleap *

aerial choreographer

jane rose *

audio & projection design

brandon baruch *

lighting designer

tavi stutz *


dani maloney *

dance choreographer

nicole beckerman *

costume designer

* Fringe Veteran