One Dark Knight

Experimental & Performance Art · life coach and music · Ages 15+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere

Many moons ago, I dated a con-artist, a predator and barely escaped with my life. This predator recruited my cousin Wendall to be his friend. Wendall betrayed my trust by treacherously giving him information about me. This con-artist studied me for six months. Once he felt he could win me over, he had my cousin Wendall introduced to me to him and months later, I was in love, thinking it was love at first sight. My cousin never told me the truth until years later that he told this con-artist everything about me. My cousin let me believe this con-artist was the man of my dreams. It was all a lie and until this day, I don’t talk to my cousin. It took me years to rebuild what the locust took away. I reinvented myself, with God guiding me every step of the way, even my escape.

Production Team

dorothy pincus *

executive producer, writing & performer

* Fringe Veteran