SHI SHI - KEN : The Path of Soul Transcendence

dance & physical theatre · rengyosoh · Ages 13+ · Japan

family friendly one person show world premiere

The SAMURAI kills with his sword for the first time. His values are broken away when he faced to the reality at the field of death." What am I?" "Why do I take my sword for? " ‘’What is 義/Gi?’’ He gets the greatest sword after struggling to over come his weakness, what is the greatest sword? This play asks us what is the true meaning of a life. The audience will experience his journey of becoming the real SAMURAI.
Written , Choreographed & Performed by Kaz Kobayashi
Producer by Yokko
Sound designed by Keiji Kouzuma
Japanese drum by Yuta Kanazashi
Photos by Takamitsu Sakamoto

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Production Team

* Fringe Veteran