Butcher Holler Here We Come!

ensemble theatre · a economy · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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July 01, 2019 original article

What I liked

Lit only by the headlamps of the miners, what unfolds is a tense exchange revealing inner turmoils, personal fears and, quite honestly, some unpleasant traits of the minors we are spending time with down there in the darkness. The show effectively uses total darkness to allow the audience to empathize with the trapped characters. It’s a simple choice that pays off in multiple ways. Characters often change location in the dark and the result is constantly shifting sound and visual perspectives that can often surprise and rattle the audience. (Bless live theater, there is no way a movie would be able to give you this type of visceral sensation!)

What I didn't like

This is so creatively staged and utilized such an effective cast, I thought the effect was pitch-perfect.

My overall impression

Dramatic, disturbing and ingeniously staged, this claustrophobic piece is exciting and unique.

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