The Seven Year Itch

ensemble theatre · sandro monetti · Ages 12+ · United States of America

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June 26, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

The Seven Year Itch is about adultery. Temptations. It is universal and such a meaningful subject which shows the importance of the family, the appreciation of what we have and what we can lose if we succumb to desire – all in quite a comedic way. Well directed and acted, and the script adapted by Sandro is remarkable – he found a way to take a classic and boil it down to a short and concise piece of art, retaining all of it’s humor, heart, and heartbreak.

What I didn't like

More shows so that a wider audience has a chance to see!

My overall impression

Such a great comedy! Very well interpreted by both actors – Monika and Sandro, who have amazing chemistry together. Monika’s charming accent and her natural style of old Hollywood takes you instantly back to the time in which the play was set, and Sandro is both hilarious and extremely convincing in the role of a husband who is fighting temptation. Monika and Sandro both take turns stealing the show, and it is a thrill to watch!

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