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June 15, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

The show was great on all counts!
First thing I noticed was I could hear everything everyone said and sang. So many musicals I can’t even understand what anyone is saying when they are singing and I end up using context to figure out the gist. But they sang at the right volume, they right singers were miked and the music was at the right volume. I could understand everything! Everyone’s voices were at professional levels and absolutely beautiful!

The actors were all so polished and talented. The energy of playing “kids” was right on. Energetic but not too cartoonish. There were several really lovley real moments of feeling that were all believable. The chemistry was electric through the whole cast.

It’s also hilarious. A very quick and witty jokes and spot on timing in delivery. Especially the bullies.

The choreography I think was a stand out for me too. It was energetic while still being sharp and visually fun. It also used the wall set pieces to create a movement feel which I loved. It made the scene changes very fluid. They even use the walls and choreography to make jokes. I also love the walk the bullies had. It was full of energy and a little silly, and very creative, just like the show.
Everything was on the same very high level. And I absolutely wish I could see it again!

What I didn't like

There was a moment or two I was confused/thrown off by some of the doubble casting. But I figured it out. That’s all I can think of it was so good.

My overall impression

Absolutely Fantastic. This is one of the most polished and entertaining musical I’ve ever seen.
Amazing script, catchy beautiful music, creative staging and choreography, powerhouse performances

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