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Review by MIKE REYES

June 06, 2019 original article
tagged as: Brave · funny · nerdy · musical · choreography

What I liked

Musically, the lyrics are fluid and catchy, the entire cast does a tremendous job and there are some really great harmonies throughout the production.

Where this show truly shines is in its comedic writing, there are so many inside jokes and references to “nerd” culture, I almost want to see it again as I feel like I might have missed them.

What I didn't like

Unfortunately, there were some very minor tech issues, with a few of the microphones cutting out, but this was only really present at the beginning of the show.

My overall impression

Our story follows fourteen-year-old super genius Kevin Dijkstra( James Everts) determined to get accepted to attend the most prestigious tech academy for young minds and become the greatest roboticist of his generation. That is if he can escape the torment of his bully hallways of Van Der Bort Junior High.

While struggling to complete his scholarship project for his dream school, he inherits an almost operating fully autonomous android bodyguard which he lovingly nicknames Oscar. (JORDAN MITCHELL-LOVE) This was a final gift from his late father who like Kevin is an inventor but unfortunately has passed away in a work accident.

He soon befriends the school’s group of nerds, who have been forced to combine all of the geeky clubs and after-school activities in a last ditch effort of solidarity to escape the wrath of their schools’ tormentors.

When he discovers, Oscar can protect his new group of friends he encourages them to band together and rise up, in a herculean effort that hasn’t been seen since the rise of the nerds.

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