Remember Always I Love You - 1001 Love Stories

musicals and operas victoria world foundation for love & peace · Ages 5+ · family friendly · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

Victoria, an American Lebanese Christian, born in Kuwait, shares her July 4th Kidnapping Story as a US Citizen in Kuwait, which altered her life, while she takes the Audience on a life journey of Love, singing World Music Songs, performed with favorite Lebanese, Egyptian, Middle Eastern, Music and Songs, to share how this Trauma and Tragedy turned into a Love Mission for Peace, Truth and Justice, as Victoria rises to the Queen of Sheba’s Love Story with King Solomon with her transforming journey, and as our Heavenly Mother Mary, Queen of Angels, and Mother’s Sacrifice for Love. Victoria is gifted, with her angelic gifts and unbounded motherly Love, to comfort, heal & inspire people to Dream Live Happy with Joy and Peace, to fulfill your dreams and wishes, for a Happy healthy successful life in harmony and peace, to share your love and take actions of mercy.


YOUR SUPPORT IS APPRECIATED as these are Benefit Concerts to support our Charity projects to help many needy Students (in Lebanon, Egypt, and here in USA) with their Education and Tuition Fees, and to make a difference.

Thank you and Welcome to Love World

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