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Remember Always I Love You - 1001 Love Stories

musicals and operas · victoria world foundation for love & peace · Ages 5+ · family friendly · world premiere · one person show · 90 mins · United States of America

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Theme of the Show is Love for Peace based on True Love Stories and True Life Stories, to make a difference from Hollywood to the World, to enlighten people from all cultures to be in Love and Live in harmony and peace, as all people live needing love and to be loved, seeking peace.

Victoria shares her life story to inspire humanity to live happy healthy successful life, with her angelic gifts and unbounded Motherly Love, to comfort, heal and inspire all.
Victoria sings a Variety of Favorite Lebanese, Egyptian, Middleastern and World Music Songs.

Her multicultural background as an American Lebanese Christian, born in Kuwait, who immigrated to USA and resided in Los Angeles since 1986, who lived with variety of neighbors and friends from every religion and race.

But her struggles and sacrifices in life were stepping stones, that led to her mission to spread love and peace, as her life altered when she had to go back to work in Kuwait to help American companies after Desert Storm, and was shattered dramatically when she was kidnapped as an American US Citizen on July 4th, 1995 in Kuwait for 4 days.

Her life became a quest for Happy Love as a Woman in Love, for Peace, Truth and Justice and to spread Love and to inspire others to share their love and take actions of mercy.

Victoria Portrays:
- Queen Of Sheba’s transforming journey in a story of world altering depth, as it encompasses the Queen’s seductive, yet Holy Love Story with King Solomon.
- Queen Virgin Mother Mary’s Sacrifice For Love.

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Greenwood 1964

This brilliantly crafted fictional debate between Mr. Poitier and Mr. Belafonte eloquently explores the individual approaches on how to achieve liberation for people of color.

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