"I Wanna Be Evil: The Eartha Kitt Story"

musicals and operas · n/a · Ages 10+ · United States of America

world premiere
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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 23, 2019
Absolutely fabulous show. Janelle hits it out of the park from start to finish. I was aware but not particularly impressed with the original Eartha Kitt, but Janelle's version brings her gritty life to us and shows us what a unique ultimate survivor she was. Every song was sung with such a new creative twist that I found myself hearing these old chestnuts for the first time. I came in not being very aware of Eartha Kitt, except as a sort of old camp icon with a cat outfit and who rolls R's like a locamotive. But I left the theater with a profound respect for this truly indomitable and intrepid human who would not be vanquished by life and considers it her duty and one woman Freedom Of Speech campaign to say her mind and share her opinions. S... full review
SHARI BARRETT certified reviewer June 24, 2019
From the moment Janelle Lynn Randall appeared at the top of the Studio C staircase, there was magic in the air as she descended with great style and bravado to share the life, music, and oversized personality of Eartha Kitt. As the writer, creator and executive producer of the Fringe 2019 show, it’s easy to realize you are watching an incredibly talented artist perform her dream role from start to finish! ... full review
MONIQUE LEBLEU certified reviewer July 05, 2019
tagged as: Eartha Kitt · cat woman · songs · funny · racism · sexism · girrrl power · rowr
This is an astonishing show from start to finish! Jenelle Randall's Eartha Kitt is on target both in interview vocal inflection, tone, and quality, as well as in her song vocals. ... full review
ROB STEVENS certified reviewer June 19, 2019
read complete review at the link below... full review
BARRY BRISCO certified reviewer June 24, 2019
tagged as: caberet
One of the best shows that I have seen in a long time. This show was the complete package. It was outstanding. It was interesting. it was performed outstanding it was directed with love. The actors on stage gave you exactly what you came there for. The truth about the life of Miss Eartha Kitt. How beautiful she was. How talented she was. If you see one show see this one before she packs up her Talent in heads to Broadway. Bravo to the entire team.... full review