The mAsHeR

loud karma productions · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 24, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

The premise of ‘the machine’, particularly its enigmatic origin and function, act as an expansive metaphor for various technologies whose ultimate purpose and consequences we don’t (or choose to not) comprehend. Further, upon realizing what ‘the machine’ is, the characters are put into a highly compromised situation where it’s both difficult to imagine what the ‘right thing’ to do would be, while at the same time causing you to wonder how many atrocities have been committed in a similar way. Tying this to a meta-narrative about the subjugation of women in patriarchal society makes a powerful statement about how violence can both be sudden and obvious, as well as slow and insidious.

What I didn't like

While I appreciated the nihilism of the ending, I wonder if there could have been a bit more of a transition between the penultimate tragic moment and the final moment (trying to be a bit vague not to spoil!); the shift in tone was a bit abrupt, though the discomfort this created was effective.

My overall impression

A Black Mirror-esque moral quandary that makes you wonder about the consequences of all the buttons you push on a daily basis.

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