The mAsHeR

loud karma productions · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 12, 2019

What I liked

The soundscape/sound design is intriguing and fascinating, the performances were strong, and the writing is intriguing, mysterious, and gave me a lot to consider and think about as I was watching.

What I didn't like

I want to see this put up as a 90-minute show and see even more character development because what I saw was intriguing and mysterious, and with a full-length production, I can experience more of what I enjoyed about the production, including having the time to tie up any loose ends that were restricted due to time constraints. Not a fault of the show itself by any means, just the whole logistics of it all.

My overall impression

I hope this finds a full-length run outside of Fringe because I think there is so much more to explore with this show without a time constraint or Fringe “rules.” The characters are developed, and are all very likable, and I want to dive into their stories even more. It must be a good thing that I want more, heh.

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