Two Naked Angels

ensemble theatre · two naked angels · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 11, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

The morbid humor/the performances, especially Smokey Campbell as Mr. Shoehorn.

I loved the surprise… especially since I should have seen it coming!

What I didn't like

In “Death Unit” Robert Ditillio brings energy to the role of Mr. Redstone, a younger actor would have had an easier time capturing the desperation of a newbie who has blown his other chances and is desperate to learn one of the world’s worst jobs.

In Lost Voices all the actors, with the exception of Chaya Nene (if she’s got the last monolgue) need to work on their timing, so we get the feeling that their horrific memories have been etched into their brains. Also, the happy ending to the entire play feels too pat.

My overall impression

Two very different, yet equally compelling pieces. “Death Unity” is funny and terrifying at the same time. A dead body lies on a gurney, waiting for the coroner while a long-time veteran of the “Death Unit,” breaks in the newest employee. ’You’ve got to dance!" he tells him, a metaphor for coping with death while at the same time a promise of the shocking – and weirdly delightful denouement. This short play is DEEP… while at the same time hilarious and always entertaining.

“Lost Voices” is an interesting combination too – a devastating trio of monologues within the context of a science fiction judgment day. The women share experiences of horrific abuse – an a fierce insistence that they will surivive.

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