Sound & Fury's "Spaceship Man"

comedy · sound & fury · Ages 13+ · United States

Major Cyrus “Cy” Fie comes out of retirement to travel to Mars and stop a rogue officer! A parody of Science-Fiction ‘B’ movies, in the signature Sound & Fury style: Vaudeville-Nouveau! Full of song, silliness and sex…ual innuendo!

It is the 8th in a series of world-touring shows they’ve written, which include the award-winning “Cyranose!” and “Sherlock Holmes & the Saline Solution!” Book early to avoid disappointment!

“People’s Choice Award” – Adelaide Australia Fringe 2011, 2009 & 2008
“Best of Fringe” – several times at the Edmonton and Winnipeg Canada Fringes

“…Amazing comic timing and chemistry! The group performs with wit and panache!” – LA Weekly

“Hysterical Piece of Mayhem! Scienterrific!” – RipItUp Magazine (Adelaide, AU)

“Consistently one of the wittiest acts at the Fringe! Their genius is to combine broad bawdy humour with cleverness and insight!” – dB Magazine (Adelaide)

“Spaceship Man is a pleasure to watch; simple yet hilarious with three of the most delightful performers of the Fringe all on one stage. It is Thunderbirds meets Monty Python, chock full of bad ‘Dad’ jokes, with guaranteed laughs, groans and loads of cheek.” – (Adelaide)

“To say that theirs is clever comedy is an understatement. They use and abuse ideas from subjects as diverse as physics, mathematics, politics, and literature, and mix it all with a dash of always-funny and never offensive smutty talk and mad cap antics. Three of the funniest guys around. You have to go and see this one!”
– Stage Whispers (Adelaide)

“4 Stars! Sound & Fury are back with another madcap hit!” – Canadian Broadcasting Co.

“5 Stars! Comic genius! All the panache and clever wit of the best British comedy writers of the 20th century! There are a great many must-see shows in the fringe, but it’s unlikely that you’ll laugh more at any of them than in this inspired hour of humor!” – Martin Christie, Edinburgh Evening News UK (for Sherlock Holmes)

“4 Stars! It’s impossible to accurately convey in words what an infectiously riotous piece of nonsense this is, just go see it!” – Chortle UK (for Sherlock Holmes)

“4 Stars! A delightfully silly mix of the smutty and the literary! Their infectious enthusiasm makes this one of the cheeriest comedies you’re likely to see this month!” –The List UK (for Sherlock Holmes)

“5 Stars! Naturally & effortlessly hysterical! Completely different, first-class hour-long belly laugh!” – Martin Lennon, Edinburgh Evening News UK (for Cyranose!)

“5 Stars! The manic energy of The Marx Brothers: these are truly modern vaudevillians at the height of their powers!” – (for “Cyranose!”)

“5 Stars! A deliciously silly play, a song-and-dance treat, and a Fringe highlight!” – Fest Magazine UK (for “Cyranose!”)

“5 Stars! Utterly absorbing and evocative for the imagination. Miss this and miss a real gem!” – Hairline Magazine UK (for “Cyranose”)

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran