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family friendly world premiere

A Falling Star at Buzzard’s Roost is a light-hearted musical comedy that follows hard-touring retro-Rockabilly band Maureen & the Mercury 5 from a kitschy, Alabama Drive-Inn Diner (off-season) through a wormhole in time. When Maureen plugs in her vintage Elvis mic, she triggers otherworldly powers from a piece of a famous meteorite, sending the band, their manager and even the diner owner back to the first days of Rock & Roll. The reluctant time-travelers find love and learn life lessons as they struggle to get back to present day.

A Falling Star at Buzzard’s Roost is a sweet, high-energy show that blends the silly and the sweet with song & dance, heralding back to the ridiculous charm of The Monkees and the retro romance of Elvis movies. THERE IS NO PIT BAND….THE ACTORS ACCOMPANY THEMSELVES on guitar, upright bass, saxophone, harmonica, keys and drums…

Production Team

maureen davis *

writer - actor - producer

* Fringe Veteran