Danny and The Deep Blue Sea

ensemble theatre · hamilton company · Ages 18+ · United States of America

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done? The thing you’d struggle to admit to the person sitting next to you. The thing that may have kept you up, nights on end, or the thing you think you’ve forgotten that suddenly rips you awake through some back-from-the-dead dream. Think about it. The ugly deed you inflicted. That hideous truth gnawing away at you that continues to eclipse even your loveliest qualities. Whatever you’ve done will likely pale in significance to the horrifying transgressions of the two lost souls in Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, a play that teaches us that beneath some the most unspeakable crimes lie broken hearts capable of profound love and tenderness. Hearts worthy of forgiveness. So whatever you’ve done, for whatever has been biting you in the head all these years, find a way to forgive yourself. You’re only human.

Violent, vulnerable, yearning for something. Two strangers find their way to each other in a dark and dirty bar. They are both in deep need but without the wherewithal to help themselves. They do, however, attempt to reach outside of their broken exteriors and connect.

From the moment these two share the same air they engage in what Shanley refers to as, ‘An Apache Dance; a violent dance for two people’. The push/pull between them is palpable, hungered for, and may burn out as quickly as the flame was lit.

Parking located at 1110 N. Western in the underground garage. It’s usually $5 after 5 PM. If no one is there, parking is free.

Production Team

rebekah tripp *

co producer/actor

patrick wenk-wolff *

co producer/actor

* Fringe Veteran