Pho Girl

solo performance · none · Ages 13+ · United States of America

one person show
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June 08, 2019

What I liked

The piece manages to walk the line of being a personal story that has a sense of integrity and grace to it and a theatrical experience that has the power to conjure/remind us of the many ways we are the connected as human beings – the many ways we are the same – through the sensory and cultural experience that is food. A small detail about the way soup is ingested made me immediately think of my own family Polish family, though the food they were eating in that recollection was nowhere near as flavorful as what we get to experience here.

What I didn't like

Honestly, if there were more time, it would have been fascinating to have some Pho but this is Fringe and how in the world do you figure out the logistics of that with such quick changeovers.

My overall impression

A surprisingly moving one-woman show centered on family, genealogy and the way food both defines us as individuals and reminds us how we are all connected on this planet.

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