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June 28, 2019
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tagged as: epic · gripping · thrilling · Bollywood · dance · superb acting

What I liked

I really appreciated the subject matter. I don’t know much about the politics in that region, and I always love learning when I go to theater. The dancing was so fun to watch, and everyone’s acting was superb. Loved Richa!!! She was awesome, and I loved that she was a strong female character. I appreciated how ambitious and epic this production was.

What I didn't like

I didn’t really understand why Aamir believed Inteman – maybe the action happened so fast that I didn’t really catch what happened. From what I understood, it seemed clear that it wasn’t Steve Campbell that killed everyone and that Inteman was lying. But also, clearly Aamir was distraught and emotional, so I can understand that perhaps in this moment he wasn’t thinking rationally. (I hope I got everyone’s character names right! haha)

My overall impression

Epic, huge, political, romantic Bollywood production on the conflict in Kashmir

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