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June 10, 2019
IMPORTANT NOTE: We cannot certify this reviewer attended a performances of this show because no ticket was purchased through this website or the producer has not verified they attended.

What I liked

I liked the action, writing, dancing, and insight into what goes on inside the minds of the different and diverse group of people involved in the conflict.

What I didn't like

Although I am sure there were time constraints, the only issue I really had was that it was 90 mins. Bollywood movies are at least 2-3 hours long; and while I did feel as though I was a part of a Bollywood movie, IT was over all too soon.

My overall impression

A great and exciting show, Radicals story takes place in war-torn Jammu and Kashmir, taking us on a journey into the lives of everyday people being torn apart by violence. A play that has something for everyone; with beautifully choreographed and performed dances, a gripping lovestory, is action-packed, politically aware, and has an incredibly written story . What was a live theater perfomance of a bollywood movie kept you gripping the edge of your seat, wanting more.

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