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June 25, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

It was an honest and intelligent story. It pulled together the components of the upbringing and setting of Saurabh’s life and experience in that moment. He brought us into his world really well and connected with the audience. I think everyone in that room could relate no matter what background we may be from. Everyone can connect with growing up, with love, and with the variety of emotions he went through because of those things. Plus he brought up a lot of underlying themes from his educational experience that we’ve likely forgot about since our teenage time learning about that (kinetic energy, Huck Finn, etc.) so strangely it was a nice refresher on all that. Funny, heartfelt, and educational in its own, unique way.

What I didn't like

Saurabh’s teenage perspective on what the best movie of all-time is. :)

My overall impression

“Baccalaureate” provided the intimate experience of one summer, of one love, and of the awkward teenage experience we can all relate to in an intimate space with kindness and humor.

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