The London Rose

musicals and operas · cotton blend productions · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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Review by MIMI KMET

June 24, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

Everything was top-notch, but I particularly liked how well-defined the characters were, both in how they were written and how they were played. And the main characters were complex. I felt for all of them, even the antagonist. Really great songs, too. They captured the essence of the scenes they were in. It felt so real. And I loved how the story brought in a historic event — it made it feel even more real.

What I didn't like

This play is a tragedy — a story of forbidden love and of daring to be authentic, despite the consequences. And there were moments of levity, which helped prevent it from being a downer. I would have liked to see a little more levity — maybe even some humor — in a character or song. Not to trivialize the importance of the story (My spouse/soul mate is trans.) But a little bit of comic relief can be a good thing.

My overall impression

A beautiful show — well-written, well-acted, well-sung! It belongs in a major theater with a full cast and orchestra.

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