Creditors by August Strindberg

ensemble theatre · black box thespians · Ages 17+ · United States of America

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Review by anonymous

June 15, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

The actors each handled their roles well. Gustav came across as knowledgeable, and manipulating, in a way that felt like he really could convince someone that his absurd statements were true. Adolf felt like a character easily manipulated emotionally, suffering under the influences of Gustav, while thanking him the whole while. And Tekla came in, providing a relief from the oppressive manipulations of Gustav.

What I didn't like

I might not normally bring these things up, but for the request. The space, which I understand may not be changeable did not help the story during the portion in which Adolf is out of the room, as the actor could be seen peeking through the wooden slats at the back, occasionally creating a slightly comical air that I don’t believe was intended. And, as much as I enjoyed the performances, Gustav was almost too convincing. In spite of the obviously ridiculous claims he was making to Adolf, he made them come across as being so reasonable that I found myself on his side until his real motivations were revealed. If that was the intent, then please ignore this. Either way, he should run for a political office, he could claim anything and I think people would support him (kidding) (sort of).

My overall impression

Enjoyable. I have not previously seen Creditors preformed, and the story and acting kept me thoroughly engaged.

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