Silent Joy, a New Play

ensemble theatre · empty space artistry · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 20, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

The map for the programs was very smart, and let me follow along with the journey of the characters. The movement was brilliant, and the projections to tell us what Joy was saying was very fun. I thought the lead actors were great, and the writing was deeply connected.

What I didn't like

The timing on a lot of the tech was off, so I found myself having to catch up to some of the story. Some of the speeches were a little messy, especially with the ensemble. The final ring went a little too long, as I had figured out the end immediately when they arrived, and it felt as if Girl was dragging behind. That might be part of the emotional journey, but as an audience member I was waiting for what seemed like five minutes for us to finally get to the revelation.

My overall impression

Emotional and powerful, Silent Joy reveals itself to be much more than just a story of companionship, but a story of being your own guiding light. Circling deep into the rings of hell, the pain and torment behind the story is revealed, and the characters and audience are brought into a bright new world.

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