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Living Between The Lines

solo performance · n/a · Ages 15+ · one person show · United States of America

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It has been said that to truly appreciate the American dream, talk to an immigrant. It can also be said to truly, truly appreciate the paradoxes of American life, talk to the child born in America to said 1st generation immigrant. And to truly, truly, truly appreciate how those paradoxes can shape a confused, artistic minded, caught-in-the-middle-of-so-many-subcultures human being, you should probably talk to this guy.

Growing up, there were so many groups I was a part of that I could never truly be a part of: American (but not white), Filipino (but Fil-Am), political parties (raised by conservatives in a very liberal state), Catholic (but rebelliously spiritual), jock (but a performing artist), artist (but a hard-core jock), and it all happened in one of the most historical African-American cities in state completely dominated by white folks that also was considered to be the start of the backwoods Southern part of the country by those from the North and the begining of those city-slicking, Yankee idiots by those in the South.

This was also a time in American history when a child was born, their birth certificate had three options: White, black, and other. And since they had no idea what “other” was, guess which Filipino-American kid was legally black for the first 4 years of his life?

“Living In Between The Lines” is a look at America through the eyes of an outsider who has never been able to find a home anywhere. Through music and observations about the insanities that most just accept as part of their daily lives, this show investigates the how arbitrary the divisions most everyone just accept. And it asks, “What else could be possible if truly saw these as they are: Just a choice?”

(Spoiler Alert: Nobody cares. Everyone just wants to be right. We’re all f’ed.)

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