Living Between The Lines: When EVERY Tribe Isn’t Your Tribe

solo performance · n/a · Ages 13+ · United States of America

one person show

5 STARS: “L.A. based actor, singer & writer Michael DeLara takes such an immense risk that the pay-off is simply astounding." – (Fringe World 2019, Perth, AU)

5 STARS: “The music! The voice! The acting! This show is what I’ve been starving for (at the Fringe)…” – intrumz (Adelaide Fringe 2019, Adelaide, AU)

5 STARS: “DeLara swerves, nose-dives and lifts. The result is an incredible roller-coaster ride that will leave many stunned.” – Scott Patrick-Mitchell (Fringe World, 2019, Perth, AU)

“I witnessed a master of the present moment. He fearlessly chose to embrace the unpredictable and be completely exposed.” – Brian K. (Audience review, HHF2018)


Born on the Mason-Dixon line, growing up between the Reagan and Clinton administrations, exploring his own sexuality in a time well before anyone knew what #toxicmasculinity even was, and discovering one’s identity as a 1st generation Asian-American immigrant, songwriter|actor|writer, Michael Delara discovered a single, undeniable truth: “I don’t fit in with ANYBODY…”

In re-telling the stories of four individual days during the years between 1990-1999, Michael takes you on a journey of discovering how his point of view of life, sexuality, politics, relationships, and love settled in a place well outside the circles of the Venn diagram of the typical experience. And while most would find this alienation upsetting, Delara guides the audience through an hour of theatre/cabaret, while sometimes unsettling and disturbing, will have them physically experience the present moment sensation of what it is to exist in a reality where all the lines that separate us disappear.
“What other possibilities for life and living show up when you truly realize that all our definitions, our communities, and our prideful delineations are completely contrived? What else is possible?”

Michael Delara is a singer-songwriter, actor, and writer has just returned from an international tour of Australia, Singapore, and Japan, performing “Living Between The Lines” and his acoustic/loop pedal musical act to surprised and delighted audiences on the other side of the planet. He previously has worked on cruise ships and toured the US, South Pacific, Caribbean, and Europe. While he has played in venues all over Southern California the past few years, Michael is currently lining up shows in casinos and resorts all over the country and is looking to take “Living Between The Lines” to American universities, cities, and more festivals like the 2019 Melbourne and Sydney Fringe Festivals and the Mona Foma and Dark Mofo festivals in Tasmania.

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