HAMILKONG: An American Parody

thinking with fire · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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July 01, 2019 original article
tagged as: comedy · musical · parody · ensemble · King Kong

What I liked

Presuming most attending will be familiar with the tunes of “Hamilton,” the fast-paced “Hamilkong” offers up clever tweaks of the popular lyrics and moments known to many. Kong is, indeed, a scrappy immigrant. The entire cast is not gonna waste its shot in telling this creative riff on getting things done as the story unfolds.

The cast here is definitely up to the challenge of this fast-paced romp. Totally in on the joke, the entire ensemble keeps it it silly, heartfelt and are giving 110% from the opening moment to the finale where beauty does what we all know it is gonna do.

What I didn't like

Admittedly, the premise is thin and it does not seem to have much on its mind other than having a good time. Sure, I guess you can grumble that “Hamilkong” is a one-joke show or concept.

But, hey… it’s a damn funny joke.

My overall impression

Taking the clever idea that the story of King Kong parallels the story in that theater-phenomena named “Hamilton” – the tale of an immigrant coming to America, finding success in a big city and then running into female troubles – this rambunctious parody / musical offers up some pretty funny stuff.

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