Playshop for Creative Freedom

events & workshops · psychedelic clowns · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 10, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

The aspect of free form play and brief/light sharing in a pagan ritualistic circle was very comforting. Ending the experience with the sound bowl and sonic device was perfect timing. By that time, we were ready to totally escape reality and were well relaxed to do so.

What I didn't like

think it would be cool to ask participants to bring their personal “sacred objects” if they have any. The ones she had didn’t inspire much “sacredness” even though it was fine for me but visually I think it will help others to get into the moment.

Maybe some aromatherapy to get people mentally into it more. A yoga instructor once massaged some eucalyptus oil on my temples while in Shivasana during a class and it made such a difference.

My overall impression

it was a much needed escape from the mundane and this experience delivered. I learned the concept of 5 modes that clowns use to entertain and delight people- Voice, Face, Body and I think Dance…i forgot the other ones but that concept of using your physical traits to bring delight to others stuck with me, especially being a writer – i’m used to just using words.

the instructor had a cool-allowing vibe to her which put everyone at ease. But she kept the session on target with time throughout.

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