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Playshop for Creative Freedom

events & workshops · psychedelic clowns · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States of America

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Psychodelicate is an interdimensional Traveller Psychedelic clown. She is teaching a workshop Here Now to Spread the Good The News of The Multiverse, opening hearts and expanding minds through interdimensional travel demonstration and practicum. By learning the basic methods and techniques of interdimensional travel one can gain access to new realities!
Part 1: Clown & ensemble performance games, Part 2: Council, Part 3: Modular Sound bath with guided meditation

production team

* Fringe Veteran

FREE Class: Make Your Fringe Show a Book

Ready to turn your Fringe story into a book you can sell in the back of the room after your shows? Learn the 7 development steps that take your story from stage to bookstore seamlessly. Bonus material on self-publishing and book distribution options.

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