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world premiere
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July 01, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

What i mention in overall.

What I didn't like

While I appreciate and understand the choice, I was kinda taken out of the journey when the actress broke her silence and actually sang over the track. Beautiful voice, it’s just the fact that her silence was broken and I had bought into that set up.
Also wish the ends of the songs were not clipped off at the end of each scene.

My overall impression

Powerful theatre experience. I saw the show with my wife and teenaged daughter. The show communicates all the stages of crisis and is well articulated through a mix of different dance styles including wardrobe changes communicating her emotional journey.

So many elements of this play were just so lovely to watch. Even without words I was totally invested into her emotional devastation. The music worked so well with the visuals as well..

I would also like to mention that the casting and costuming of the Villain was brilliant.

It’s impressive how you can tell such a haunting story without dialogue.

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