The Upcyclers - Green Theatre Workshop

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family friendly

The Upcyclers is a SUPERHERO TEAM and a community organization that hosts monthly community service events that bring together everyday superheroes to help the save the planet!

In this FREE workshop there will be a panel of superheroes who do super deeds through their art and theatre! We will be leading an awesome invigorating discussion on sustainability and environmental issues we as artists can address and make a difference in. We will also be unveiling some of our super upcycled props and super costumes!

Come innovate theatre with us and create positive change for the environment and our world with this super workshop!

This family-friendly show (about how everyone can be a superhero) from the environmentally-conscious theatre company, “The Zoo Theatre”, is offering an exclusive sneak peak into their green practices and the creation of the props, costumes and sets from material referred to as “waste”. Come be the change you wish to see in the world and find ways you can incorporate upcycling into your life and theatre!

There will be an INVIGORATING DISCUSSION, some SHARING OF SUPER SECRETS, and a SUPER SEWING STATION where you can learn to mend your Super Fringe costumes just in time for your final stretch of shows!

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran