Stevie Lix: Cyber Brothel

musicals and operas · stevie lix · Ages 18+ · United States of America

includes nudity world premiere

Imagine you are in a strip club and a play breaks out. The Cyber Brothel is an erotic theatrical musical driven the original XXX Rap music of Stevie Lix. With luscious moans and raw sexuality, it is no wonder that Stevie calls her “safe space” the porn industry. Cyber Brothel is a work of art that exposes the gape between the seen and the obscene. Intellectually, Cyber Brothel presents a blueprint for todays working girl that leverages the highest technology to serve the worlds oldest professions. The script revolves around newspaper theatre techniques + authentic “private” e-mails, voice mails and eye witness accounts … what I embrace as community theatre for social change as levied by leaders in theatre like Augusto Boal. My work gives voice to those who are not traditionally theatre goers and performers or even out about the way they make a living. Likewise this work gives a performance opportunity and channel for a small cast of those who are “out” and willing to stand naked on the stage of life for all to see.

Muli-media set design, original rap music, theatrical stage show and live interactive web-tie in make for a New Work that gives voice to the lovers of “adult entertainment” To debuting this Jan at AVN and Adult Novelty Expo, Adult Con, and various other industry and trade events through out the season.

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