Death and Coffee

immersive theatre · annie lesser · Ages 7+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 04, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

The message.

What I didn't like

This would be a tough show for an eight-year old. Super rough.

My overall impression

Each person will take away something completely different from this conversation over coffee (or tea, hot cocoa—your pick) with Annie.

You could walk out of this with tears streaming down your face; it might be dry. You might find solace or reaffirmation. You could be expecting more. You might expect less. Quite truthfully, this will be a polarizing performance for many.

Personally… it’s sort of sent my mind down a rabbit hole and I’ve caught myself pondering the themes several times after setting down my mug.

Hmm. Hmm. Hmm…

I like anything that spins the wheels in my head. This did.

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