immersive theatre · 2cents theatre group · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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Review by anonymous

June 06, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

Loved the first character who gave us our orientation and lead us into Unreal City, unfortunately it went downhill after that.

What I didn't like

I know this was a preview but this felt like a very very rough workshop of an initial idea.

My overall impression

This is a great idea that is sadly poorly executed. We’re told that there’s a Hollowman that is disloyal to the queen but then this is never brought up again. In fact most everything that was brought up in the orientation and beginning was never referred to again. The text consists of literature (I spotted t.s. elliott and Shakespeare) which means the language is dense making it difficult for us to follow along and understand our purpose, which also means I zoned out a lot because I couldn’t hear nor understand what they were saying. There’s also a lack of attention to detail throughout including costumes, props, and settings. The timing and technology also needs to be greatly improved. We stood in a hallway for about 10 minutes watching a character pace back and forth while nothing but static played on our headphones. Had it carried on longer I would have taken the headset off and walked out. Overall, I have no idea what the story was about or why we were a part of this world.

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