The Godmother

solo performance · nonames · Ages 18+ · Iceland

one person show

The Godmother explores the personal experiences of a single woman and should reflect what it is like to be a single woman in Iceland. We get an in-depth look at what single life is for a fat young woman in this day and age. It deals with rape, family relationships and the complex interactions you have after a one night stand.
The performance is a mixture of stand up and a play. Loa’s relationship with her father, sister, men and herself is the main subject. She has had bursts of great anger for many years and tries to suppress the pain with drinking, sleeping around and sarcasm. Despite at first appearing like a simple, party addicted and selfish millennial, Loa is in fact a complex, lonely and wounded person who desires to find happiness, but does not know where or how to find it. And doesn’t really believe she deserves it. The audience goes on an emotional rollercoaster with Loa which is which is explosive, sad, often embarrassing, hilarious, gut wrenching but most importantantly real.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran