Earth & Fire Walking (Tierra Y Fuego Que Camina)

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June 26, 2019 certified reviewer
tagged as: Tango · Argentina · Technique · dance · dancer · tangueros · maestros · bandoneon

What I liked

The mixture of theater, dance and film with an audio narrator gave the show texture and balance. The live music and incredible Oscar Lumoto on the Bandoneon were especially wonderful and spoke to the heart. The story was filled with poetry, pure love, and endless expression. Of course the physical technique and knowledge of Thomas and Gimena can be appreciated by tango afficionados and newcomers alike. The choreography showed the many styles of tango, from the lighthearted and youthful numbers to the serious and dramatic tangos. We are lucky to have in Los Angeles a representation of the true Argentine tango. It was inspiring to see the dynamic relationship and endless care between Thomas and Gimena, in a world where relations and how we treat each other often goes to the way side. It was romantic in a real and lasting way that makes us believe.

What I didn't like

The only thing that can be improved is for the show to be longer because I did not want it to end! I hope these artists will tour the world with this show and spread the art of Argentine tango to lots of audience members.

My overall impression

This show made me laugh and cry repeatedly, and for this reason moved me deeply which is ultimately the goal of great theater. It made me remember my love for theater. The artists were complex and showed many sides of the man and women, the grace, joy, maturity, strength, passion, sensuality and beauty was all part of it. The show was so good that I have to go and see it two times in one weekend. Earth & Fire Walking was able to capture the spirit of the Argentine people and its culture and this made it stand out from other Argentine tango performances that I have seen in the past.

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